Updates, oh we have updates…

Look at that–I step away from updating this thing, and the next I know, a month and a half has gone by.  Well, rest assured, it’s been a busy time.

In fact, a pair of the more significant events to take place this past fall occurred at the end of September/beginning of October.  That was when I finally went in for a long-overdue colonoscopy and then, later that same week, had an umbilical hernia repaired.  I don’t really see any need for gory details on either, except that both procedures went well and I was fine afterwards (though the hernia surgery took a bit longer to recuperate from than I’d anticipated, and forced me to have a less busy fall than I’d planned).  The reason I mention either of them at all is the fact that I took so long to have them done (this is especially true of the colonoscopy).  Yes, my procrastination was rooted in fear of the unknown/the traumas of growing older.  At the same time, though, the kinds of problems a routine colonoscopy is intended to catch are highly treatable if discovered early enough.  That’s highly treatable.  As with so many things in life, if you see to them before there’s any (obvious) problem, you stand a much better chance of avoiding those problems–certainly, of those problems becoming serious.  In fact, this was part of what pushed me to have the hernia repaired, my regular doctor’s advice that I do so before things became complicated.

There are still things I need to look to:  my cholesterol, for one, so please don’t think I’m here holding myself up as any kind of shining example.  What I am saying is, if it’s time for you to start having these kinds of tests/screenings done, then give the matter serious thought.  If you can do it, that’s great.