Book Trailer

Also while going through my video files, I came across several that my older son, Nick, had shot with David and me during a visit several years ago, with the aim, as I recall, of assembling a book trailer for my second collection, The Wide, Carnivorous Sky and Other Monstrous Geographies.  I decided to stitch them together, add a bit of public domain music (“Traveler’s Journey” by David Rafael Krux), and here it is.  (Nick made a previous trailer for my first novel, House of Windows, as well as one for Laird Barron’s stories.)

New Trailer!

A couple of days before Christmas, I opened my e-mail, and there was an e-mail from my older son, telling me that he had made a short trailer for my fiction as an early Christmas present for me.  I was quite thrilled by it, and am happy to share it here: