News of the Falchion!

Yesterday, Ross Lockhart, my publisher at Word Horde, wrote to tell me that Children of the Fang and Other Genealogies has made the short list for the Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award for Best Short Story Collection/Anthology. To that I say, Hurrah! And also thanks, for all who voted to put it there. I haven’t seen the final ballot, yet, but best wishes to all who are on it. Do I need a silver falchion? What do you think?

Falchion, Steel, gold, textile, Italian, Venice
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2 thoughts on “News of the Falchion!

  1. Adam Szym says:

    Hi John!

    I’m a longtime fan and a comics artist/writer. I was hoping to send you a PDF of my new horror graphic novel since your work inspires me (not for promotional purposes). What would be the best way to send it to you? If you’d rather not receive it that’s totally fine, too!

    Adam Szym

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