I’m Sorry: They Said WHAT About My Story?

At the beginning of this year, I joined the lunatics on the Staring Into the Abyss podcast for a discussion of Ramsey Campbell’s brilliant story, “The Companion.” I had a blast discussing the story, and as Ramsey sent only one Night Gaunt after me, I assumed he was not too displeased by our analysis of it.

Well, now the shoe’s on the other hoof, with guest writer Patrick Barb having selected my story, “The Communion of Saints,” for discussion. The result is terrific. The best kinds of critical discourse open up a work for understanding, often for the writer as much as anyone. (That’s the case for me, at least.) Listening to these guys talking about my story, I learned all kinds of things about it I wasn’t aware of (not consciously, at least–leave it to the Fornits…). Thanks to Patrick, Scott, Matt, Mike, Richard, Other Mike, Little Joe, Doc McStuffins, Old Greasy, and Knock-off Big Bird for the time and attention they spent on my story.

(If you decide to listen, though, start around the 47 minute mark. What comes before is–well, it’s pretty messed up. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)


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