House of Windows: Take 2

Today is the official publication day of the new edition of my first novel, House of Windows.  This version comes with a new introduction by the brilliant Adam Nevill, an afterword on the writing of the novel, a reading group guide, and suggestions for further reading.  (I had intended to include a new story with the novel, but as I was writing it, it decided it wanted to be a novella.  *sigh*  So what I’m tentatively calling “The Banshee” will be arriving a bit later than I’d planned.)  Thanks very much to Jaime Levine and all the fine folks at Diversion books for giving my novel a second life.


2 thoughts on “House of Windows: Take 2

  1. Reggie Lara says:

    HI, I just finished reading House of Windows yesterday. I just wanted to say how much I loved the way you wrote this, I wanna say, anatomy of a relationship, but maybe it’s more of an anatomy of a character, a couple of characters. This book was a little above me due to all the classics references. You have encouraged me to read harder. I loved Veronica and Roger. It’s kind of weird but I didn’t feel as angry with Roger as I think I should have been. Maybe it’s the way you wrote Veronica but I think we all have those hard-headed relatives. Just, I can’t gush enough about how much I cared for Veronica and Roger, and that’s on your ability to write. So thanks for making my Halloween reading month great because this one was bookended by you. I read the Fisherman at the beginning, which was awesome, and ended it with House of Windows, which is my favorite.

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