The Fisherman

I’m very pleased to announce that my second novel, The Fisherman, will be published by Word Horde press.  As was the case with my first novel, House of Windows, this one took a while to find a home:  the genre publishers told my agent it was too literary, the literary people said it was too genre.  Thanks to Ross Lockhart for giving the book a home, and thanks to my agent, the fabulous Ginger Clark, for not giving up on it (or me).  Word Horde has been doing a lot of great stuff, with more on the horizon; I’m happy my book will be part of such exciting fare.

Okay, this is a cover mock up, but it’s still pretty cool.



3 thoughts on “The Fisherman

  1. […] Langan, scrittore di horror americano, annuncia sul suo blog la prossima pubblicazione del suo nuovo romanzo, The Fisherman, per Word Horde […]

  2. Alex Sheers says:

    This is excellent news – congratulations! I was only recently wondering if we were ever going to see this in print, as you’d mentioned it being complete in some interviews. As a reader, it’s quite frustrating to know there are complete volumes of work by your favourite writers that are suspended in publishing limbo, but this no doubt pales in comparison to the frustration of being the author. Very excited for this and Sefira, whenever they become available.

  3. Congratulations! This is terrific news! I still recall your reading of the beginning of the novel a few years back. Time to time, especially walking over the Ashokan Reservoir, I think of it. Very excited to read it.

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